The Nashville show was a thrill, but just be warned --

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The Nashville show was a thrill, but just be warned --

Post by Harry » Fri Jun 13, 2003 10:14 pm

It's only going to get better!

There was standing room only (because all the available stools had been spoken for); and the place was packed (because the band took up half the Hall.) Pizza's pushed aside....the show commenced.

I've been a GH fan since long before its conception having worked with Steve for over 20 years, Fred / Walter for over 10, and Cutie Susie for about 5 or 6 years. I suppose I've grown accustomed to great music and outstanding musicianship since GH always delivers one hell of a performance.

So be it; however, I was greatly impressed with the new faces on stage with Fred, Steve, Walter and Susie. First, there was Eric - who played his acoustic with precision and finesse, not missing a single note or lick through the whole show. Second was Matt who deserves major acclaim for Hammering the skins. Matt provides a new sounding element to the band that I'd not expected to see or hear. He banged out the tunes on his kit with utter confidence and prowess. He enchanted all with the amazing execution of his solo on Cup of Trembling. Next was the dear presence of Bethany Warren who's vocals were solid and captivating. I'd mixed Bethany years ago when she sang with Susie's band Limousine at a Halloween party in Chattanooga, and she sounded great, but now she sounds fantastic. And last, but not certainly not least was Flo whose beautiful voice enhanced the female vocal lead and backup parts. This was Flo's first rock performance and I am happy to see fans giving her the "thumbs up" review. All 3 of the babes are looker's too which helps when there's a bunch of guys in the band.

With all this new eye-candy on stage, I've got more to look at besides Fred, Steve and Walter....Gee, what a relief! But what many fans present might not have noticed, was the attendance of 3 additional Glass Hammer-ians. Rod Lambert (Violin, Guitar, Vocals) who lives in Nashville, shared his gifts on the first GH CD was at the show. Also there from Nashville was Robert Streets (Vocals, Percussion, Production) and his beautiful, charming wife Carrie (Vocals, Keyboards), both of whom sang on David & Goliath as well as Lex Rex. Robert, Rod and Steve go way back to the late 1980's having been in Band of Angels together for years as they toured up and down the East Coast and all over Florida.

For all the fans who plan on making the trek down to the Chattanooga show, you'll definitely want to meet David Carter; also a Glass Hammer-ian who has shared his guitar-playing talents and skills on a few GH / Wizards CD's. David and Steve go back about 24 years or so. Dave is an outstanding individual and one of the nicest people you'll ever meet.

Unfortunately, I won't be able to make it to the Chattanooga/Knoxville shows; however, I promise all who are able to attend the Trenton Festival a spectacular event of Epic Proportions! Harry :cat:

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Post by Glorious » Sun Jun 15, 2003 11:01 pm

Keep in mind GH is not a girl band, but a man band!! LOL :lol:
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