January - Tivoli - Chattanooga

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January - Tivoli - Chattanooga

Post by MayorOfLongview » Fri Dec 23, 2005 9:20 am

Well, I have dreaded making this announcement, but here it goes.

We're postponed until further notice.
This was to be a benefit for AAA Women's Services. Both they and the sponsors were very much into the idea of having GH perform with the choir as we did at Belmont. We began making those arrangments around the middle of October, and started with one of the best choirs in the area at Lee University. It took around two weeks to make contact (that should have been a clue) and their director was enthusastic about the performance, the timing, and the benefit. One month later, (right about the time the other schools went on Christmas break) he backed out because of a conflict with their schedule (???). Anyway, he offered to do the show at another time if we could reschedule.

Repeated attempts to contact him have failed. Both myself, and AAA made several attempts to find a replacment, but we are apparently too late. (Try explaining to a college choir director that your symphonic-progressive rock group from 'East-Brainerd' needs 150 singers to perform in latin and elvish).

GH and AAA have agreed to wait until the concert can be done the way we feel it needs too.

However - that means we have time now, to edit and complete our Belmont DVD and begin a new album. We haven't started on the album, but I can tell you that the DVD is going to be truly outstanding. It looks nor sounds nothing like Lex Live (which I really love), but stands on its own. :sprite:

We haven't given up on the concert, but until we can get a real choir to commit, we're on hold.

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