Steve Babb

birth date: 10-22-60

hair color: brown

eye color: brown

instruments: piano, keyboards, bass guitar

place of residence: Evermore

marital status: married

musical influences/favorite bands: Yes, ELP, Camel, Utopia, Handel, Wagner

hobbies: No time for hobbies! But once upon a time I enjoyed hiking, fencing, and target shooting. Oh - I do still read a lot! There's always a little time for that.

strange interests: strange interests - all things Napoleonic. Military history, movies, fiction, collectables, costumes, etc. Vive 'le Emporer!

strangest occupation: I once worked as a dental technician in a lab. It lasted about a week. I melted someone's dentures by accident, and was ultimately fired because I was "not very good with my hands". I also worked summers in an ice cream cone factory. We made cones for "Keebler". We all know that Keebler is made by elves, thus - I must be elven to some degree. Though I do not live in a hollow tree.

favorite quotes: "When you invite a middle-aged moralist to address you, I suppose I must conclude...that you have a taste for middle-aged moralizing." -C. S. Lewis, The Weight of Glory

favorite glass hammer song: The next one we write.

favorite food: chocolate

favorite movie/tv show: Fav movie currently is "The Fellowhip of the Ring". TV show is 24.

favorite book: The Lord of the Rings / Mere Christianity

any good advice to offer for us fans: If you ever do a gig at The Prancing Pony - get your money up front.