GH Avatars
Larger than the buddy icons, 100x100 pixels. Created by forum member alien2112.

GH Fan Art Contest
The GH Forum crew got together with all of their creativiy to come up with the best GH-inspired art they could. Because GH fans are also known for their sense of humor, the contest was divided into Funny and Serious category. The results are posted below:


Lania -
King -
Shadowlands Cover
Thermin -
GH Logo
*WINNER* Venividi -
Will I Never Know


Alatar -
Glass Samba
Sam Gamgee -
Heroes and Dragons
jonger -
GH Funny
*WINNER* SuperTed -
Steve, Fred & Crew
GH Fan Dictionary
If you haven't been keeping up with the forum and band chats, you could be missing out on a lot of new GH slang. Fear not! has compiled an up to date, easy referrence dictionary of all the GH related words you need to know. Follow the link, memorize, and spout off as desired to sound like a true GH fan.
GH Buddy Icons
Even we don't have much official GH merchandise, there are other ways to express your GH love. Just for fun, try these cool animated buddy icons for AOL, iChat, forum-ing, or whatever else you like.

Extra Lyrics
"Elrenn and Endereth" from the Middle Earth Album is only a part of this three part poem written by Steve. He reads the whole thing (cool sound effects included) on the GH Adventure album, but has graciously agreed to let us reproduce the lyrics here.
GH Songs Redone
I Súrë - "The Wind"
It all started when a friend told me that I should translate "The Wind" into elvish. At first I thought it would be way too hard, but as I became more familiar with the magnitute of the Elvish online communities, I realized it really was a possibility. So with a little help from other Quenya scholars, I had the translation. The only problem was that Fred and Steve didn't have any tracks of the song without the vocals because it was made long ago on different recording system. So my dear father offered to record the guitar for me if I could get the tuning from Fred. Turns out Fred accidentally sent the wrong tuning, but by the time we figured this out, my dad had already learned the song (wrong tuning and everything). So he played the guitar and synths, I recorded voice and everything else, and here it is!
Nex Tex - lyrics
I've taken Latin for four years, so when I found out Glass Hammer's new album was going to have a new title in latin, "The Law and the King", I just new I would have to come up with something creative. Armed with a Latin dictionary and a year of translating Caesar, Cicero, and Vergil, I began my lastest GH takeoff - Nex Tex, "The Violent Death of the Texan"
The Carnivore Predatory Cow - The Old Troll: submitted by Bethany Warren - lyrics
It's alawys the best when GH makes fun of their own music (The Cheese!). Bethany's comments on the parody created on the drive home from NEARfest: "Pretin our conversation the idea to make a cow predatory arose. And stuck. So we had plans to genetically enhance a cow to make it predatory. Then, I casually asked if it would remain an herbavore, become an omnivore, or if the predatory cow should be a carnivorous creature. The carnivore, predatory cow concept was born. Oh, FYI- we also decided that since the cow was predatory, he should somehow have the ability to climb trees. Now that's a goodern. Eric soon chimed in with the lines, "Rabbits he likes the most to eat, squirrels he thinks a dainty treat, gophers he would love to try, but he can never catch them." We changed rabbits to frogs. But the idea was born, and the parody to "The Old Troll" was created from the minds of the GH members in the van : Susie, Steve, Fred, Flo, Eric, and myself. And you are blessed to read it before it is recorded! ENJOY!"

Holly was a ringnecked turtledove my family owned for about six months before she met her tragic fate. A fate so tragic it was just waiting for someone to write a ballad about it. So one day several years ago, I wrote some lyrics, recruited some of my siblings to help me sing it, and then recorded it onto a track of The Ballad of Balin Longbeard that had the lead vocal removed. Before you listen to it, I should probably explain the significance of all the strange noises. Ringnecked turtledoves, along with their incessant cooing, will make a noise that sounds like a maniacal laughter. Since we had a sound clip of her fluttering up to the microphone and laughing and another of her cooing, we played with those sound effects throughout the song. That much said, it isn't the best redo ever, but here it is.