The tale of Elrenn Walthair and Endereth Tamarel
Pt. 1

In faerie forest 'neath the moon
as silver stars hung shimmering
there danced the lovely Endereth
as light in shadows glimmering

A nightingale did sing its song
From a lofty oaken tower
Her gown the moon made milky white
As starlight seemed to shower

To make a helm of diamond light
Fit for an elven princess
The night did weave a starry crown
To grace her golden tresses

On that night fair Elrenn strode
With armour made of sunlight
The shadows fled before his feet
To make the very air bright

The elven blade Anoniel
Was hung upon his side
His shield was forged by dwarven hands
And made of dragon hide

Elrenn was a warrior proud
Who'd wandered long and weary
Into the elven glade he crept
To see a vision eerie

He beheld fair Endereth
And heard the night-bird calling
Her beauty snared him as with chains
His heart, for her was falling

Endereth, a spell did make
To draw proud Elrenn to her
But he caught her up in mighty arms
To hold her fast and woo her

Then dancing there in elven wood
Twain, for a time were one
Both night and day, the moon and sun
As spells about them spun

Pt. 2
Elrenn soon did fall asleep
As spells were soon to take him
He dreamed of love and weary war
Until the day did wake him

Lingering there through all the night
His elven princess waited
And as the daylight broke the gloom
He knew they would be mated

To Flameflower, to father's keep
They hastened now to marry
And Kashafen did grant their wish
Though his elven heart was wary

To Quaalsten and the ranger folk
He took her home to keep her
He built for her a tower strong
Though there she would grow weaker

"'A questing we must go my lord
For here my heart grows weary.
Tis too tame - the forest calls
This tower is grown dreary."

To Delvenbrass she then would go
He could but wait or follow
He loved her much and so they went
Though to him the quest was hollow

To Devlenbrass, a cursed place
It's tower ruined and broken
Haunted halls, inside whose walls
No word for years was spoken

They brought an army, small though proud
A home of it they'd make it
Though Endereth did magic weave
And underground did take it

Beneath the ruins she did go
Where something was awaiting
Elrenn fought to keep her sane
Though every moment hating

Pt. 3
The year that passed at Delvinbrass
Left Endereth with child
Thus joy was known within that realm
Of forest dark and wild

The tower rose and song was heard
As Delvenbrass grew stronger
Summer passed and winter came
And lo, the nights grew longer

The darkness that once claimed the keep
Soon gather'd 'gain, around it
An evil army from the east
Was coming to surround it

Elrenn now prepared for war
And drew his men unto him
"Where is his Queen?" they muttered then
"Her absence will undo him."

He sought her out beneath the ground
In caverns deep and fearful
He found her crouching in the dark
He spoke, but oh so tearful

"What keeps you long beneath the halls
And in the dungeons dreary
What prays upon your elven heart
To make your soul so weary."

"Elrenn I have tampered here
With spells that are forbidden
Now the enemy has come
To find what I have hidden

But hidden well this fearsome spell
Inside your son and daughter
Who will be born this very night
Of battle and of slaughter

And two were born that starless night
As hope seemed to forsake them
Overrun, the castle lost
And death was want to take them

"Go my prince!" she urged him on
"Above the fight is brewing
Forgive me if you can my love
Your doom was all my doing"

Elrenn then took up his post
And rallied to his banner
One child he clung to and his sword
He waved in warlike manner

As Delvenbrass did burn once more
He looked to find his mistress
And one more child upon whose head
He'd crown and make a princess

'Twas not to be for they were lost
The wife, the elven daughter
Captured now by armies fell
Or caught up in the slaughter

Elrenn turned and took his son
To safer lands he brought him
And sought to quell the elven love
That Endereth had taught him