Exclusive Interview - Flo, Bethany, and Susie

picture taken by sean t., progressive ears moderator

GHfan.net: So how did you get involved with Glass Hammer?

Flo: Susie introduced me to Steve and Fred when I was looking for a place to record. They, in turn, introduced me to their music, and later asked if I would want to sing with them.

Susie: Well, I met Steve and Fred in 1996, and we started working on several different projects together. While they were working on Chronomotree, Steve called me up to sing on the album, and I've been involved ever since

Bethany: Susie is my connection as well. The moment she played Lex Rex for me, I was hooked. I've also known Steve for a few years - when he worked with Limousine, Susie's old band.

GHfan.net: So Susie's been involved since Chronometree - when did you others join? Just this year?

Flo: I believe it was May that I began rehearsing with GH. That's when Susie started working with me on the vocal parts.

Bethany: I was adopted into the GH family approximately two months ago.

GHfan.net: What kind of previous experience did you have before joining Glass Hammer? Bethany mentioned that Susie was in limousine; did any of you others have bands?

We've all been doing music in some form or fashion all our lives. I started singing with some lame band when I was 15 years old, but I knew that was the direction I was heading in.

Bethany: ... Being lame was the direction in which you were heading?

Susie: no, the band thing.

GHfan.net: What style of music was it?

Susie: It was an acoustic/folksy band, lots of vocals.

GHfan.net: Did you stay involved with that band until you met GH, or did you sing anywhere else along the way?

Susie: Oh, that only lasted a year or so... I played with a band in college for a while until I was approached to sing for Limosine back in it's formative times

GHfan.net: Another acoustic/folksy band?

Susie: No, it was a pop rock band. I also have to say that all growing up, I sang in church

GHfan.net: So how about you, Bethany?

Bethany: I've never been an official part of any band, but I have performed and jammed with friends who have bands. My brother, who's also in a band, has let me borrow some of his group to play for me on occasion. Church praise and worship bands are in my background, and a few school talent shows / choir, etc. Choir was always appealing because of the pieces we would perform, but bands are great because of the freedom you have to express through the music you play / write / sing.

Flo: I started playing the guitar and piano and writing music some years ago. I was also in different choirs from high school on through college. I haven't performed with any bands before GH, but I have done solo stuff, played weddings, coffee shops, etc.

GHfan.net: You have a CD coming out sometime in the future, also, correct? Could you tell us a little about that?

Flo: Sure. I am currently co-producing my first full length album with the help of Steve and Fred at Sound Resources. It should come out sometime in 2004, and it's called "Practice Room". It's definitely folk-influenced, but a lot of "non-folk" instruments and subtleties are finding their way on the album.

GHfan.net: So you play the guitar and piano. Do and of you others have other musical talents besides singing?

Flo: I also play the Bouzouki a wee bit.

Susie: not really enough to call them talents, but I piddle on the guitar and I used to play the drums in the school band. I also like to play the kazoo

Bethany: I picked up the Mexican flute.. but I can only play two songs. Horribly, I might add.

GHfan.net: So it was Bethany and Flo's first big live experience with a band - what was it like singing alongside musical geniuses like Steve and Fred?

Flo: It was great. I was pretty nervous at first, given the audience we were performing for, and the fact that many of them knew Lex Rex better than I did. But as soon as we went on, I think we all had a great time. It was an incredible honor to be among such talented musicians.

Susie: I concur

Bethany: It was awesome; being on stage with such an incredible group of musicians was so exciting! I was dancing backstage, I was so stoked about it. And those guys are the most gifted craftsmen at what they do with their instruments.

Susie: I agree. Even though it wasn't my first "band experience" , I was completely overwhelmed with the magnitude of the show - the choir, the band, the music... it was a blast!

GHfan.net: People are curious what sort of other music you listen to - apparently prog isn't a very female thing(??)

Other music I listen to would include anything from folk, to jazz, to emo/punk , a lot of my "favorites" come from many different genres.

Susie: I like Flemming and John, Sixpence None the Richer, Cold Play, most worship music, U2, radiohead... all types of stuff.

Bethany: Considering Susie is my older sister, she's shaped a lot of my musical interest, along with some friends. So my band taste is similar to hers. Fleming and John, U2, Sunny Day Real Estate, Beatles, 3EB, Frank Sinatra, Harry Connick

Flo: My three biggest musical influences would have to be Sarah McLachlan, Crystal Lewis and Caedmon's Call.

Bethany: Jr, Nat King Cole, some jazz and blues, old and new, and of course, Oldies. Older Jewel albums shaped my musical interests from childhood, so that carried into my taste now, as well.

Susie: vocally -Pat Benetar, Flemming (from Flemming and John), U2, and others

GHfan.net: And now, a few completely random questions that I'm sure all your fans have been dying to know: What is your favorite GH song?

Flo: When We Were Young

Bethany: "Troll and Maiden" or "Further Up and Further In".

Susie: Cup of Trembling

GHfan.net: If you were a pie, what kind of pie would you be? Answer honestly.

Susie: mince meat

Flo: Raspberry, Blackberry, or Boysenberry. Any kind of berry

Susie: loganberry - Flo?

Flo: Sure, why not!

Bethany: Black cherry pie...?

GHfan.net: Interesting. Now, in 500 words or less, please tell your fans: if you were any muppet or sesame street character who would you be and why?

Susie: Animal. He rocks. Animal is a crazy man on the drums, not that I can play the drums like him, but I can be a little crazy

Flo: Ralph the Dog. Ralph plays piano. But I must say, I also admire Pepe the King Prawn.

Bethany: Oscar The Grouch! Who knows where his garbage can of mystery leads? And he's occasionally nice, too. But usually grouchy. Hence his name. Or, if I were to go with the more, erm, odd side of me, I'd say Snuffalupagus. Quiet, pensive, a little sad, but not too much. But, the Swedish Chef, who cooks horrible stuff, is great. Although, I must say, the cereal from my childhood was quite lovely. He sang in Swedish. Don't think he ever cooked it, though. The two-headed monster was pretty funny. One always said, "Yep yep yep yep yep" and the other one always went, "Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh."

Oh, I liked those monsters too!

Bethany:......... Was that less than 500 words?

GHfan.net: Who knows. I wasn't counting

Bethany: Yeah, it was. : D

GHfan.net: All right. Apparently you were.

Bethany: Nah, I just know off hand that 500 words takes approximately six posts in a chat.

GHfan.net: Well then. Moving on to the last random question I have for you today, what is your favorite line from a song?

Susie: Well, It isn't necessarily my favorite song, but one of my favorite lines from a song: " There's more to life than this..." by Bjork.

Flo: Well, I have too many favorite songs to just pick one line from, but I really like the line "Barren Sarah bore a son" from Andrew Peterson's "Canaan Bound". I think that statement is incredibly powerful.

Bethany: "Mama, just killed a man, put a gun against his head, pulled the trigger now he's dead. Mama, life had just begun! And now I've gone and thrown it all away!" Bohemian Rhapsody. Bon temps. But, seriously. Probably a Bjork line or a Mazzy Star line. "I'm a fountain of blood in a shape of a girl." Or " They say its you that watches the weary, and brings the night into the day." Probably the the Bjork line.

GHfan.net: Any plans for the future? With Glass Hammer or beyond?

Flo: Singing on the next GH album, another live show and working on my CD.

Susie: Well, we already started working on the next Glass Hammer album, and I must say it's pretty good.

Bethany: Aren't all three of going to be on the next album? Writing, next live show, and whatever else.

GHfan.net: Very good. We're all excited to hear it!

Susie: Music till we die

Flo: Prog lives!

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