In the Third Age of Middle-earth
Came the long-awaited birth
A king was born to rule the land
To wrest it from the Dark Lord's hand
The Lord of the Rings, he searches far
From Mordor...where the shadows are
One Ring he seeks to bind them all
One Ring he seeks to bring the fall
Of Elf-Lords and the Sons of Light
The Dwarf-Kings in their ancient might
Enslaving all who dare defy
Mordor....where the shadows lie.

Aragorn, son of Arathorn, heir of Isildur and Elendil -- The Grey Wizard, your friend of old, is caught in the snare of evil. The halflings you must defend, for the Nine have been loosed upon the land, and they are searching even now.....


Now the land can claim no king
Nine ride forth to gain the ring
Something's Coming, Something's near!
Something's Coming, Cloaked in fear!
Something's Coming, Something's here!
Swords are drawn, armies march
But freedom reigns again ...
In the end!

Heir of Elendil
Now your time is here
Son of Arathorn
Take away our fear!

Something's coming in the night
Something dark and cold
Searching for the bane of men
A shiny ring of gold!


...and now, as if in a dream of long ages past, a vast and shadowy plain stretches before you. And on that plain there march the shapes of many men: the sons of forgotten kings, wandering in loneliness, lost in darkness. Tall and grim they are, and bearing bright swords they pass through years untold...'til at last one steps forward with a fire in his eyes and a star on his brow!

I've journeyed from the northlands
Many leagues, and oh so far away
For the battle to be joined
With the force of night
They come to conquer
Conquer all the land!
To the city of kings
Who'll bear the golden ring?
But the nine have come
And the darkness grows
I'm just one man with many foes
They must not find that which they seek!

Shadows gather from the wastelands
But in the darkness there's a shining light
He'll lead us through the blackest night
Till our hearts are freed
And fear will vanish, forevermore!
To the city of kings
Who'll bear the golden ring?
A broken sword , a forgotten crown
From darkness into darkness bound
And I'm the one for which they seek!


From Carn Dum we come.... (Yes)
From Angmar, in the north.... (Yes)
Come to us my prince. Is it a crown you seek?
(We have many!)
Throw down your broken sword.
Take up the scepter of your rule.
A throne we have prepared for you.
(East of the Old forest, near the downs.)
What you seek is here. The ring is among us.
(His ring.) We will give it to you.
(It is your right.) It is your ring.
Come to us son of Arathorn.
(Come to your domain.)
Come prince of the night,
Come prince of the light,
Come to rule with rings of power.
Now has come your darkest hour.
Through forest dark, through tombs of night,
Throw down your sword, forsake the light.
To the downs...To the downs!
Come to us Aragorn.

(Instrumental/conversational interlude)


She walks the wind, she rides on the light
Out of the darkness and into my life
If I could find the right words to say
Her touch is so near, but a world away

There's a long road between us
But I can't turn away
God if you're listening, give me a sign,
And show me the way... to her heart.

Every time she's near, I feel alive
Her visage haunts me each time I close my eyes
Can she feel the pain in my heart?
Does she understand?

There's a long road between us
But I can't turn away
God if you're listening, give me a sign,
And show me the way... to her heart.


Well listen now my merry lads
A tale we'll be a-tale'n
About a dwarven-lord of old
We thinks his name was Balin
He sat upon a mound o' gold
And there he grew so very old
His beard so thick it kept 'im warm
And well when he was ailin'

So rich he was but still 'e lacked
One tiny single gem
A pearl 'e wanted for his hoard
'Twould be the death of him!!
He dreamed of pearls both night and day
He vowed that he would have his way
A mountain he would climb for it
An ocean he would swim!

Not far from Balin's home there lived
A tired and ancient dragon
His wings were broke, his fire was spent
His eyes, they were a-saggin'!
But he was known throughout the land
For in his clawed and scaly hand
He clutched a pearl of great renown
And Balin this was naggin'!

The dragon woke one day to find
Old Balin come a-callin'.
So old they were, they tried to fight
But couldn't keep from falling!
The dragon fell upon his sword
While Balin tried to reach the hoard
He tripped upon his beard so great
And crushed beneath the dragon's weight
He ne'er would have his precious pearl
For death you can't be stallin'!!



The fair house of Elrond welcomes the tired and weary travellers. And so, in the shadow of the Misty Mountains, there is peace at last. Their wounds are healed and their spirits mended. Days are spent roaming the gentle slopes and forests of the elven land. Nights are full of song and storytelling, and sitting about the fire with friends.

But there are councils of war -- for the ring must go south. And nine shall be the number of the company: nine to match the nine riders; nine to hold the hope of many; nine who hold the fate of freedom in their hands.





By the banks of the Nimrodel they rested. Weary beyond words they were, and grief-stricken for the loss of the wizard. But soon, the sound and the song of the elven waters began to lift their spirits, and there was peace in their hearts......for a time.


Strengthen yourself! The time is now. Peer into the stone and challenge him. Show him the sword and him forth to battle!

Falling through the misty depths of space and time
The red eye searches for the weakness in my mind
My soul explodes in evil laughter rife with hate
What folly drove me to this fate?
The dark lord on his throne doesn't recognize my house
He sits complacently, who is cat and who is mouse?
Fear personified... nowhere I can hide...
the evil one inside is drawing me to my eternal fate
Inside the crystal ball...

Oh Elbereth, watch over me
While I play the game of life with fate and destiny...

The final hand in the dark game is now to play
I loose my will and wrench control of the stone away
His shrieks of hatred pierce my soul in searing pain
I wield Anduril forged again
The red eye's gaze is turned
From the true prize in his land
But will he seal our fate
Searching for the golden band?
As his fury grows... success is near he knows...
Now he must attack...
Striking out secure in knowing doom is here
Inside the crystal ball...



A day of fire and death. A day of swords and glory. An army of darkness lays siege to the city of the kings. But with great effort and brave sacrifice the Lord of the Nine is brought low...


The day is won! But the war is not over...


Lost in your dreams, can you hear me call
As deeper than the night, in love with you I fall?
Many miles between us, so much time yet to come
Still I have to dream, dream of the day;
And now you will know why I cry...

Deep in your heart there's a light that grows
As lost in your night you will see and know
It's guiding you safely to my arms once again
But for now I wait, wait in the dark
And now you will know why I cry...

Destiny calls and you have to go
Bearing the burden that's hurting you so
I don't want to see it, I don't want to know
But we must endure oh so much to survive
And now you will know why I cry ...


Before the very gates of Mordor the army is assembled. Brave hearts are beating wildly as fair hands reach for bejeweled blades; and every fair warrior knows it has all been this!!

Broken halves are made as one
The works of Sauron come undone
The halfling's ring is going home

Blade of the West, you see the host assembled
And though we fall may lords of light
Remember our names

Blade of the West, Sword of Light, Sword of Westernesse


Shadows on the plain so vast and so menacing
They surpass your wildest dreams
Even as they march I think I hear them screaming!
Flowing from the gate that leads to Mordor
An army frantic, mindless, seething
And now the sounds of many swords unsheathing!

Here comes the night!

Beneath the banners of the elf-lords
The wizard holds his staff on high
The sound of eagles plunging from the sky!
And then when everything seems hopeless
The ground it shakes beneath my feet
The ring is gone and Sauron is unseated!

Here comes the night!

Many journeyed from so far away
To bear witness to the final day
We will not say the day is done
Nor bid the stars farewell
We've come to save this ... rescue all the land!
The King Is Come Again!



The war is won! The Dunadan is crowned king, and freedom reigns again...IN THE END