Reviews for Journey of the Dunadan

Harmony Magazine -- France
"...a melodic standard that is infallible, a masterpiece of technique that is amazing, a revolutionary it is ALL genius!"

Record News -- Italy
" of the best available in the market today; it marvelously runs away from others in its say the least, fantastic!"

Neuer Scheinungen -- Germany
"This musical journey takes one throughout highs and lows; running from the dark and frightening, to the light and serene."

Bruno Verrmisse- New Harmony Music - France

In summary, an epic album, like a number of beaches one more beautiful than the other, a veritable book of heroic fantasy put to music, a very brilliant fusion of diverse currents of symphonic rock which avoid the enticing and baroque style reefs. It would be devilish if this disk is not unanimously consecrated by all the "prog" fans throughout the entire world.

With a CD like this, one is satisfied for a good while, but will experience difficulty in turning it off in order to listen to something else. One will necessarily make a comparison that is not flattering to whatever one listens to afterwards! And one comes out reconciled with oneself, comforted in his love for this music, love put to the cruel test of time which passes, and does not always bring us works of art of this intensity and this incredible power.

"Journey of the Dunadan" will remain (so far as I am concerned) to progressive rock that which Terminator II was to action cinema: a must of bewildering creativity, a roller coaster of emotion. So, I will finish with a delirious exaggeration of my tired brain in order to excite your neurons: Yes, Genesis and E.L.P. reunited several months ago in a hiding place under the Antarctic in a secret studio, and decided to achieve this, their very best album together which should have been made twenty years ago! Its name is "Journey of the Dunadan". Only I know the truth.

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