Reviews for Lex Rex

David Taylor - Virtuosity
"One of the greatest prog rock albums ever recorded!"

Dave Shoesmith - CD Services - Scotland
"Without a doubt, 'Lex Rex' is Glass Hammer's finest hour... ...One of the finest albums of its kind-EVER!"

Jack Luminous - WITR-FM's Night Vision
"... Mind-blowing keyboard runs ... Tastefully and impeccably performed ... Highly recommended."

Album Description
Screaming Hammond and Moog solos by America's greatest progressive-rock keyboardist - soaring steel guitar leads, lush beds of Mellotrons, mandolins and acoustic guitars, sweet soprano's, vocals rich with complex harmonies and counterpoint, that signature crunching bass guitar, swirling analog synth leads awash in echo, the grandeur and pomp of the pipe organ - all that and more on Glass Hammer's seventh release, "Lex Rex". Fans have come to expect the unexpected from GH, but "Lex Rex" dishes up the very best that the progressive rock genre has to offer. "Through the years we've experimented with a number of styles and sounds," says GH bassist \ keyboardist Steve Babb. "But I think this is the sound we've been searching for all along. We've certainly never felt this good about a finished album before." "Maybe I'm prejudiced, but Fred Schendel is a monster on the Hammond, and a modern, progressive rock icon in the truest sense," continues Steve. "And he really gets to show off on LEX - REX, even more so than on Chronometree." But Glass Hammer's seventh album is loaded with killer chops and vocals by some of prog's most talented performers. Somnambulist's Charlie Shelton and European guitarist Bjorn Lynne both make contributions, as do the usual GH cast of female vocalists. Regulars Walter Moore and David Carter also make appearances.

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