Reviews for The Middle Earth Album

Jonathan Watson -
"It may very well be what Frodo, Sam, Merry and Pippen witnessed as they stayed at the inn. On the album, the music is rousing, the lyrics pure fun, and the crowd at the inn a jostling bunch that doesn't seem to get their fill of fun. If you want a truly new experience in Middle-earth, a musical example of what Tolkien termed "sub-creation", then grab your headphones, slide the CD in, and join the patrons of The Prancing Pony Inn!"

Ted Tschopp -
"This is the stuff classic fairy tales are made of. ...future additions will be judged by this album."

Clayton Walnum -
"Sonically, the album sounds'll dig this visit with denizens of a pub somewhere in Middle Earth."

Album Description
Glass Hammer's "Middle Earth Album" is a HIT with fans of fantasy and Tolkien. On this album, Glass Hammer departs from it's usual progressive rock bombast, to perform a medieval \ Celtic \ folk set recorded "live at The Prancing Pony Inn". Sing along with the denizens of Bree as you hear tales of Elven maidens and sword-wielding Rangers, Dwarven heroes and bloodthirsty Trolls. Transport yourself to a land of legend with the music of Glass Hammer!

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