Reviews for On to Evermore

They are continually compared to Yes, Genesis, Rush, ELP, Kansas, Gentle Giant, Jethro Tull, Camel and Pink Floyd. In other words, the some of the greatest groups of all time. But Glass Hammer is beginning to emerge into something more - Glass Hammer is evolving its own sound and style - surely a rarity in the overpopulated world of progressive rock.

According to one French magazine, "On To Evemore" puts Glass Hammer ahead of the rest. Glass Hammer has redefined the concept album and established their place among the best of the genre.

"On To Evermore" is perhaps the most ambitious release of 1998. Here's some of what the critics have to say ...

"This is one of the four best prog albums so far in 1998, together with Anekdoten "Official Bootleg - Live In Japan", Electrum "Frames Of Mind" and Pr Lindh Project "Mundus Incompertus". Highly recommended." *****
Sonitus - Ezine - Greger Ronnqvist

"Ah, where would we be as progheads without the occasional '70s-style concept album full of brilliant synth leads, gymnastic guitars and a fantasy storyline? With On To Evermore, the tradition is maintained in grand style by Tennessee proggers Glass Hammer, in what unquestionably is their best work to date.
The tale is a compelling one: a lonely sculptor crafts the stone image of his ideal love, then bows to temptation when an evil sorcerer bids to make her real. This eloquent, original fable is matched by elegant, virtuosic playing -- especially from keyboardist Fred Schendel and guitarist David Carter-- in bringing the concept to fruition." *****
Progression Magazine - John Collinge

"The group Glass Hammer has evolved musically over the course of their first three studio albums. This process has culminated in the concept album "On To Evermore"-- a work that encompasses the complete progressive package. Owing some narrative themes to previous releases, Glass Hammer hits a Grand Slam with their new master work and they don't forget to touch all the bases.
In 1998, Glass Hammer attempted a magnum opus of symphonic progressive rock, and they "pulled it off"! Give 'em a standing 'O'!" *****
The Progress Report - James Warren

"Be it composition, arrangement, or musicianship, "On To Evermore" is a solid step forward on all fronts. Fans of the seventies symphonic rock sound would do well to check this out. Don't be surprised if this turns up on a lot of 'Best of 98' lists next year." *****
Expose - Peter Thelen

"I suppose what I admire and find most refreshing about what Glass Hammer has achieved here is that, even such a colorful canvas of sounds and textures at their disposal, these guys never let the music come before the song. ... "On To Evermore" is one disc due for heavy rotation and a sure bet for my Best of '98 list." *****
Expose - Paul Hightower

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