Disc A - The Knights


Once upon a time
Their were four Knights and a King
Who gathered in the dark and gloomy deep
They watched their King, these four Knights tall
In a pillared hall, ‘neath fortress keep 

The world has never seen their equal
So noble were these armored giants 

Yet they were not alone
Something else was there
Lurking quietly in the darkened room
Call it Pride or call it Greed
It cloaked itself in shadowed gloom

And searched each heart to find a weakness
Like a sharpened dagger poised as

Deep in the dungeons the forge-fires are burning
They stand watching their King
Peering from shadows, his eyes full of Greed
One stands watching his King 

Now he watched the King, his lord
With envy and awe
More than the rest, he craved what he saw
He fought himself, and vowed to be true
As o’er his heart the shadow grew 

Clawing deeper with sharpened talons
Deep it burrowed, melding with his heart 

Deep in the dungeons the forge-fires are burning
They stand watching their King
Peering from shadows, his eyes full of Greed
One stands watching his King

And who would wear that precious jeweled thing
Soon to emerge from the fire, bright and shining
Full of magic
Alive with power
The King Speaks
 “Look my brave ones,
Look and behold.
This crown of silver, and of gems
And precious gold; 

Power, perfected
To grace the brow of a maiden.
And this secret I have kept from you
But now you know!” 

The Knight of the North Speaks
“All of our labor,
All of our warring and conquest;
To forge her a kingdom to rule.
All this for her?”

What had he crafted from sweat and from lead
To the beat of hammer and tong
No simple crown did he raise from the fire
Shimmering of silver and gold 

He can envision a princess to serve as his heir
A daughter to love him
She’ll take his hand and will walk at his side
Singing the darkness and gloom

The Knight of the North Speaks
“All this for a maiden, not yet born
All of creation to share with her King, her father.
How dare he give it all away;
All my labor,
All his glory,
Given, not to me!”



This is where we draw the line
And here is where we make our stand
You’ll gather all our forces here for
Here we stand on hallowed ground
And here the foe will surely fall
We’ll send his army scattering for
This is where we draw the line
And here is where we make our stand
Now sound the trumpets, form the battle line
Hold the line

This is where we draw the line
And here is where we make our stand

This is where we draw the line
And here is where we make our stand

So they gathered all their men
There in that place of dread
That had once known peace
With banners high
And blowing in the wind

Here the foe must climb to meet them
Up the rocky slopes
And climb he did as their arrows flew
Yet still they came
Fell army of the Knight of the North
Who drove them forth, for

That is where they drew the line
And that is where they made their stand
And all found their courage
Whenever the King drew near
Now with the sound of thunder
Waves crashing on the shore
Metal on metal
The hosts are joined at last

Now the Knight of the East
With axe swinging to and fro
Would force his way into the fray
Ever seeking out his foe

One on one he would fight
And champion his King
Yet he knew his doom was near
When his eyes met
Those glaring orbs full of malice
Of the evil Knight ‘neath his serpent banner

Now as ‘round them battle raged
These two would fight a private war
And though he was doomed
He was singing a song of slaying

Then his axe was broken
Still he fought with mailed fists
As deep plunged the sword of the
Knight of the North into his heart
And he died

Mortals – stood and fought
An Army – of foulness wrought
Singing – as they slew
Warriors – brave and true

Set loose – upon the King
A wolvish – monstrous thing
Gaping – jaws wide
Thus it – struck and died

The Knight of the North Speaks
“Silly, dreaming King ‘a raving,
Always rambling of his plans.
I will have his pretty princess.
I will have her!
I will enslave her!
I will curse her!
Curse her forever!”

Who can stand against this
Armored giant?

As the sun is sinking low in the western sky
Weary forces of the King have won the field
The routed foe, scattering

Now the Knight of the North
Knows his battle is lost
Time to make good his escape
He flees to his tower
His fortress where the
Wrathful King gives chase
Anger written on his face
Up the winding stairs they go
Ever higher, now he knows
That his treachery has
Brought him beyond the hope of
Mercy, Mercy
If only he could
Swallow Pride
And atone for this

All this talk of
Ancient battle
All this talk of
Kings and villains
All this rambling
On ‘bout evil
Monstrous armies
Swords and heroes
He was singing a song of slaying

What’s he saying
Where’s this leading
Kind of makes my brain hurt
Why can’t he speak plain
What’s the use of
Spinning these stories
Can’t he find a better use
For the words he writes?

What lurks between the lines
And will I find it

What’s the secret
What’s the riddle
What am I supposed to
Glean from all these words
Hold your breath
We’re going deeper
Deeper than you’ve ever been
Aren’t you curious?

What lurks between the lines
And will I find it

Then the Knight of the North
Knew fear for the first time
His doom upon him
As the King was revealed
In his wrath and full power
A consuming fire
Yet still he vows revenge
As he is cast from on high
From paradise
To Hell

(choir: lyrics by Stephanie Rumpza)
Lucida lamina ut ipsud solare Lumen potensque suum scutum
Bright his blade like the light of the very sun and mighty his shield
Fert noster rex iustitiam in dextra manu et iram in oculis
Our king carries justice in his right hand and wrath in his eyes,
Impellentem se semper.
Driving him ever onward.
Celeris ac flamma saliens et ferox ac rugiens ignis
Swift as a flame and fierce as roaring fire
Istum crudelem qui mortem nostrae patriae adducere voluit rex repellit
The king drives back that cruel one who wanted to bring death to our land
Proditur, olim intimus regis, olim potentissimus, iam metu tremit
The traitor, once the king's close friend, once the most mighty, now
trembles in fear
Nam dominus iusta iracundia provehitur
For his master advances in just wrath
Non diutius clangor vocis timorem in nos incutit
No longer does the sound of his voice strike us with fear
Hi cantus resonant frustra contra telum stabile
His songs ring in vain against the unwavering weapon
Tractum fortiore quam se ipse
Wielded by one more courageous than he himself
Nunc dehiscit terra; vorat eum deiectum rege
Now the earth gapes; it swallows him who was cast down by the king
Deiectus nunc voratur!
Cast down, now he is swallowed up!
Cantate omnes! Victoriam reportatur!
Sing, everyone! Victory is won!
Noster fortis dominus malum vicit et nihil prorsum timemus
Our courageous lord has conquered the evil one and we fear nothing at all
Salva patria, liberi populi
The land is safe, the people free
Iustitia nostrum magnum decus, virtus nostra corona
Justice our great pride, virtue our crown
Et magnitudo noster sors!
And greatness our destiny!



Once and long and long ago
Before the tales that men now know
There were yet tales of deeds done
Writ like secret songs unsung

Hoarded like treasure and guarded well
Guarded by angels and cherubs fell

Yet these ancient guardians of Heaven’s troves
Are thought to wander certain shadowed groves
‘neath starlight
Still beyond the sight of men
Yet they whisper secrets then
Unheard by mortal ear
Even so I chanced to hear them

I’m not alone, for others hear
Lovers who by chance may wander near
Then stop to kiss
And poets too, they may catch
The murmured tales in nighted patch
Singers know, and babes have heard
While in the womb, the secret word

For these tales of deeds and power
Have each an appointed hour
In all the works His children do
Still he hides from me and you
A truer story, a jewel fair
An inconsolable secret there
Still we quest and some may hear
Tales of joy and tales of fear

(Backing Vocals)
When Heaven does a wondrous thing
Angels shout as stars sing
Some men look up and it’s then they hear
The tales of fear

It was thus this tale
Passed to man from Heaven
Hidden well for ages
But the magic of the cherub’s spell is broken

Fast it fled me, fast I followed
Through song and dream where it came at last
To the secret grove where angels talk
Those careless ones saw me not
And they let slip in their whispering
A secret long forgotten
Listen closely, listen well
It all began one morning


The sun rose up, the morning young
Of fair things the maiden sung
Of jeweled crowns and pale gems
Of golden rings and diadems

The King Speaks
“You have no need of anything.
Yet I smile to hear you sing.”
He gazed on her with loving eyes
In life’s great game she was his prize

He had no other need but this
Her sweet song, her gentle kiss
Yet now her song had turned
As precious things her heart spurned

(Backing Vocals)
What of your Father’s love?
What of your Father’s love
What’s hiding in the shadows?
What of your Father?

Lirazel Speaks
“I’ll always cherish our walks in the garden
And I am your daughter and ever more shall be
Yet there is longing for someone to love me
Someone to marry, to carry me away.”

This is the talk of an innocent girl
No way of knowing all her Father’s planned
All he has given her, all that he has
She is the heir to a Kingdom and more

Now in the glory of youth she is blinded
And there’s a question that tugs at her mind

“All of this beautiful world you created
Given to me to wander at will.”
Yet there is something that ever shall haunt her
Hiding in shadows, dancing ‘round her dreams

Come and I will show you
Follow me into the forest drear


Though once I haunted
Tall towers grim
‘Tis here I shall remain

To drift through shadow
Or dance on starlight
This is my home

Though sweet the memory
Of love once shared
I’ll sing of love to come

Ah Lirazel
My love, he calls
Ah Lirazel
Oh return to me

Though time is passing
Doom-laden years
Have failed to bring him down

Through forest dreary
Down paths of dread
Through vales of sorrow

By dusk and dawning
By noon and night
He searches for me

Ah Lirazel
My Love, he calls
Ah Lirazel
Oh return to me


(Choir: lyrics by Stephanie Rumpza)

Atar rucinyë
Oialë larin
Huinë evelien
Sina á cendë
Furë nu formeny' Isil
Saur' áva cendë
Man norta ni ta?
Uin merë quetës
Issë merenyë
Umëa engwë
Manan nyarilyë úqua mindo muinë?
Yass’ entementaninyes
Sina man? Selyal man?
Enetyuvan heru
i cuina mi hui
Father, I am afraid
I am ever listening
I have seen a darkness
Show me this
It lies hidden under northern Moon
Don't look at that abhorred thing
Who lives in it?
I do not wish to speak of it
I desire understanding
An evil thing
Why are you telling me nothing of the secret tower?
Once upon a time I banished him
What is it? Who do you mean?
Again I shall cast out
the one who lives in darkness
Let it be!


“Heed ye not the old man’s warning
Love ye shall find in the misty north
Climb the steps, long and winding
To the top of the tower tall

Hanging there, a mirror on the wall
There you will see your window to the world

Fear ye not, the howling on the wind
‘Tis but the master hunting with his hounds”






I caught a glimpse of lovers holding hands
He looks at her, then falls to his knee
Then he asks her to marry
Asks her to share in his life
Then all is dark once more

Now a life of glimpses
Is all that’s left to me

I caught a glimpse of life rushing
Passing me by in the mirror
Of little boys who
Playing at war didn’t know that
One day war would
Be playing at them
But I know
I’ve caught it in glimpses

Then she saw a river swift
An old man stood on yonder shore
It seemed that he was weeping
And calling out to bring her home

And then it’s dark
That’s when the shadows
Play on the wall
And the mirror, it beckons
And would ensnare me
Dangling its dreams like
Silver and gold
So pretty
Chains to wrap around me
If only I could tear my gaze away

Then she saw the chasm growing
Yet still he waits for her
If only she could remember
She’s heard his voice before
Calling out to bring her home

She caught a glimpse of a father
Holding the hand of his daughter
Then, but for a moment
She seemed to recall

Then she saw the shadow growing
As she turned to walk away
And it seemed her heart was breaking
As he called her name
Calling out to bring her home






Having caught a glimpse of his perfect face in the mirror
Seeing but a poor reflection
Longing fills my heart
And then I hear the echo of
Singing that no earthly voice could make

If you will listen you will hear
The sound of singing as the morning dawns
The sun will rise, then you will go
You are a prisoner no more

Now I know I must surrender everything
All to him
Knowing I must die to live anew

If you will listen you will hear
The sound of singing as the morning dawns
The sun will rise, then you will go
You are a prisoner no more

Lay down your sorrow and behold him
Rise up like children we will follow him
For we return unto our father
Our King, behold him now our Father

Watching our lives rush by in the mirror’s poor reflection
We never really see the true life waiting just beyond
It’s such a weary world that groans beneath the curse
If only we could go home

(Backing Vocals)
Rise up, rise up and go
Your curse is broken now
Rise up, Come forth

She sees him standing there
Her King and father
Eyes bright and shining, and full of love
Standing by to claim her for his bride, her prince has come
Now her sorrow is turned to